Perfect.  I guess that would be praise difficult to live up to, but honestly, I tried the steak pincho at PINCHO FACTORY and found it to be, well, perfect.  I tried the Pincho Burger and, again, perfect.  I tried the “2 Buck Tuesday” sliders:  Timbita, Brown shugga, and Argentine Chimichuri.  Hmm…perfect!  No burger is complete without fries, so I ordered the Cajun Fries.  A sign on the storefront says:  “Voted #1 Fries in SFLA by Channel 10 viewers”.  My vote?  Perfect!


“Perfect” to most means without faults.  But the dictionary says it also means something satisfies all requirements.  Therein lies my use of the term for the cuisine at PINCHO FACTORY, 9860 SW 40th St./Bird Rd. in Miami.  Satisfies all requirements.  Here it is all about the food.


Having roots in Alaska and new to Miami means I have never heard of the pincho.  It is safe to say there are are no known “pinchos” in Alaska. In fact, an Alaskan might actually wonder if this is a bird or wild animal of some kind!  I have heard of the “kabob” and must confess:  the pincho and the kabob seem to be similar to me, at least in theory.  I dare not engage in a comparison, however, for I am greatly unskilled.  

P1050278 The chef de cuisine, owner Nedal Ahmad, appears devoted and skilled.  He prepared the tender pinchos and was on hand to suggest just the right selections for us.   P1050280  The “2 Buck Tuesday” is a great way to try the different sliders—which we did. Each one was a unique flavorful blend of tastes that left the palette yearning for more.

P1050286                    Here are the three we selected, L to R, Timbita, Argentine Chimichuri, and Brown Shugga

The Steak Pincho on Pita was absolutely delectable!  The meat was tender and very flavorful.   Did I mention, perfect?

P1050293                         Want a great meal at a reasonable price?  The selections range from $2 bucks to $9.49.  More than a good value, this is an incredible bargain for the quality and taste.  PINCHO FACTORY also uses 100% beef with 0% trans fat. 

Not to be left out is the Pincho Burger.  Yum!  Secret pink sauce.  Hmm.  I wonder if Nedal will trade the secret of his sauce for another blog mention? 

PINCHO FACTORY caught my attention at the 2nd Annual Burgerlicious Festival in Coral Gables recently.  The sliders offered at the event only teased me toward trying a full meal.  Without delay I found myself headed their way within days of the event!

How about Chocolate Fries?  Sound strange?  These fries are topped with chocolate syrup and condensed milk.  I must admit, I was somewhat concerned about mixing chocolate syrup with French fries, but I was willing to try them—for dessert.  All I can say is, unbelievable!  The perfect mix of sweet and salty.  Addictive!


Do I recommend PINCHO FACTORY?  You betcha. 

They are preparing for a new location after the new year so stay tuned.  I will be sure to keep you posted on their whereabouts.  In the meantime, be sure to stop by for a real treat.  And by the way, they are open late during the week and until 2am on the weekends.

Keep that apron on, Nedal.  I’m sending all my friends your way!