How can anyone not like Christmas? First, there are reasons to enjoy it such as the obvious pleasures of the culinary sort: cookies, cakes, turkey, ham, homemade breads, potatoes and fruit salad. Even more fulfilling, though, is the spirit of giving and the precious time with family and friends. Receiving gifts is always enjoyable!

Underneath all of this, however, is a spiritual foundation older than us all: God came to mankind! Perhaps you aren’t a Christian; or, maybe you weren’t raised among Christians. As a result, you may have difficulty appreciating the depth of meaning available in this holiday.

American history relates the story of a land founded on Christian principles and, until recent times, the majority of citizens claimed some relationship with Christianity. Celebrating the miraculous birth of a child born to a virgin is indeed warranted; but, according to the Bible, the babe is none other than the offspring of God!

When (or where) can we find such a spirit of giving and love and miraculous narrative that announces peace and good will and a savior for mankind? So, with all of this in mind, don’t be a Scrooge! Give in to the miracles of Christmas and share the joy.

To all the Scrooges out there, you gotta love Christmas–we need the good it gives us all. Merry Christmas to all!