To my Miami readers, I apologize, for I sought yet did not find such sights in south Florida.  To my Alaskan readers, behold your home; for, this is a story often told in the artic landscape.  Let none become indifferent.  There has been no enhancement of these photos. 

photo 2

Cook Inlet 4 (3)

photo 2

Little Susitna River, a child’s afternoon play.

photo 4

Early morning serenity along Seward Highway.

Whittier waterfall 2014

Melting snow waterfall, Whittier.

photo 4\

Dusk on Resurrection Bay with sea otters.

photo 2

Snow clouds over Resurrection River.

photo 4

Fresh snow meets summer fog on Kenai Peninsula.

photo 5

Light and dark converge over the Alaska Range.

photo 1photo 4 (6)

Little Su River streams toward rapids.

photo 5 (2)

photo 1 (3)

The descent to the Matanuska River.

photo 4

End of the day on the Matanuska River where it meets the Alaska Range.

Another trip north during the early spring-summer of 2014 began.   This brilliant photo essay of light and creation unfolded everywhere I went.  One can appreciate why Alaska is desirable.  It is where the senses come alive, the air is clean and the water cold and clear. 

It is where I came to understand who I am before my Creator.  He brought me here for the first time in 1989.  This planet will never truly be my home, for God has promised a new earth and a new heaven one day and I shall be a part of that; but, as long as I am a traveler in this broken world, this will always be my place of rest, inspiration and home.  Not everyone can dwell here, but someone should.  And so, Miami, I must leave you and return to my Alaskan roots.

Kathleen Martin